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Homemade soy milk and dessert within 25 minutes
BRUNO Soymilk & Soup Blender

BRUNO Soymilk & Soup Blender has a compact body, it can make a variety of healthy food, each making 350ml capacity, hot or cold, enough for 1 to 2 people to enjoy. Fully automatic and worry-free! Choose from 4 computer programs, and you can make a variety of delicacies with your creativity!

Powerful functions allow you to easily make all kinds of mixing dishes!

It adopts durable blades and DC silent motor, which can rotate up to 17,000 rpm; it is equipped with a glass top cover window, which can easily observe the progress of food preparation; the top cover is also equipped with a safety design, which can only be activated when it is fastened and aligned with the marker, which is more convenient and safe.

The stainless steel blade breaks even ice cubes with ease.

Not limited to soy milk! Smoothies, smoothies or desserts are equally OK!

There are 4 built-in modes, which are convenient for making various desserts, not limited to soy milk or soup, and cold summer desserts can also be easily made.

〖Soy milk (boiling + stirring function)〗 Suitable for making all kinds of soy milk or corn drinks
〖Hot soup (boiling function)〗 Suitable for heating various soups
〖Thick soup (boiling + stirring function)〗 Suitable for making mushroom soup, pumpkin soup, sesame paste, walnut dew, etc.
〖Smoothie (mixing function)〗 Juice, meal replacement, smoothie, milkshake

More than 30 creative recipes, you can refer to this recipe website to watch for free.

Product Specifications
Size W103mm×H243mm×D124mm
Weight 1KG~ (net body)
Capacity 350 ml
Mode Soymilk / Hot Soup / Thick Soup / Smoothie
Power consumption 520W (heating) / 120W (stirring)
Voltage 220-240V
Plug type UK Type-G Plug

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