BRUNO Double Steamer Rack (For Compact Hot Plate)

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【 Notice 】
・This product is an accessory, only suitable for BRUNO Compact Hot Plate
・If you want to purchase the compact hot plate with its accessories at the same time, please directly select the relevant set, the price is more favorable than buying separately.

Cooking steamed dishes! Steam and cook healthy dishes easily!

The double-layer design allows you to make different steamed dishes in one go, such as vegetables on the first layer and seafood on the second layer. Dinner can be easily completed in one pot!
・Note that the double-layer steaming compartment must be used together with the ceramic coated pot or split pot (sold separately); when in use, it must be placed in the attached stainless steel metal rack to bear the weight.

It can be used in double or single layers, and can be stacked to save space when storing.
When steaming, remember to put a stainless steel grid to distribute the weight of the food evenly and prevent deformation.
Made of Tritan, BPA-free, safer to use.
Made of transparent rubber material, each product may have different textures when it leaves the factory, please rest assured that it will not be damaged.

・Applicable to BRUNO Compact Hot Plate BOE021 product
・The round hole on the steam compartment allows the steam to permeate upwards, and also allows the essence of the ingredients to be collected downwards. It is most suitable for making seafood porridge.
・Made of safe material Tritan, does not contain BPA, and will not release harmful substances after long-term use, so it is more safe to eat.
・Combined with two load-bearing stainless steel grid accessories, the weight of the ingredients during cooking can be dispersed, making it more secure to use.
・Applicable to Compact Hotplate and matching ceramic deep pot, the size fits closely, and the steam will not leak out, which is safer.
・Transparent design, you can watch the cooking status of the ingredients at any time.
・Two pieces in one set, with upper and lower sets of high and low steaming compartments, which can be used separately or at the same time, and the cooking capacity is more flexible.
・Can be stacked for storage, saving space when storing.


Product Specifications
Size W358mm×H150mm×D217mm
Weight 1kg~

Body: Tritan copolyester resin, grid: stainless steel

Functions Can be double-layered and stacked

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