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Compact size for 1-3 people
Simple operation & keep warm

Just go home and enjoy a Japanese dinner with hot rice! BRUNO compact rice cooker, one-button simple operation and long-lasting keep warm function, makes it easy to cook rice or porridge. The compact size is enough for 1-3 people, suitable for small families, with detachable wires, easy to store!

Transparent glass lid, the cooking situation is clear at a glance


Anti-spill rubber pad can separate the inner tank and the glass cover to prevent overflow when cooking porridge


◆ 1.2 liter capacity can cook 0.5 to 2 cups of rice and rice, enough for 1-3 people to enjoy
◆ Easy to clean inner pot surface, easy to clean

〖 Cooking time 〗

(Calculated with Thai rice, note that the actual usage will vary slightly depending on the amount of water and the rice type)

0.5 cup rice: about 23 minutes
1.0 Cup of rice: about 28 minutes
2.0 Cup of rice: about 30 minutes


Product Specifications
size W186mm×H201mm×D162mm
weight 1.4KG~ (net body)
wire length

0.8 meters

capacity 1.2L
Accessories Measuring cups, rice spoons and anti-spill pads
Voltage 220-240V
plug UK Type-G Plug

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