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The electric fan that reproduces the natural wind
Quiet and energy-saving, and can be used all year round

The GreenFan is an electric fan that reproduces natural wind through unique technology. Recreate the comfort of a summer afternoon breeze. Use the gentle breeze sent by GreenFan to accompany you through the cool and comfortable summer.

Brand new double-layer fan blade structure

Is it possible to send natural wind from an electric fan? The unique double-layer structure fan blade realizes this idea. It can send out fast wind and slow wind at the same time, and then let the two wind speeds collide with each other to eliminate the vortex, and the electric fan with wide wind width is born accordingly.

Air flow distance up to 15 meters

Wide and soft air flow is the characteristic of GreenFan. It can send out wind four times wider than ordinary fans, just like being surrounded by natural wind, which is cool and comfortable. The GreenFan has a wide air flow range and a large air volume, and its air flow distance can reach 15 meters. Because it can make a large amount of air flow, it can also be used as a circulation machine in winter, and it is suitable for all year round.

Ultra-low energy consumption saves electricity

Unique high-efficiency fan blades and DC motor, dedicated power-saving circuit to implement advanced energy-saving performance. The minimum power consumption is 1.5W, and the electricity bill for a whole summer is as low as HK$1.

* Under the minimum operating conditions, 8 hours a day, 90 days of use.

Portable wind

The GreenFan can be used with the exclusive battery and base (sold separately), so that the GreenFan can be used immediately in various occasions without being limited by the power supply! For example, in the hot kitchen, in the dressing room after taking a shower. You can enjoy cool and comfortable natural wind anywhere in your home. With the exclusive 4500mAh external battery (sold separately), it can operate continuously for more than 20 hours.

Easy to control the wind direction

GreenFan can easily adjust the swing head angle according to the purpose. When it is hot, you can adjust the small angle to concentrate the air flow. When you want to circulate the air in the room, you can adjust the swing head angle to create a comprehensive and comfortable space.

Quiet operation that does not disturb sleep

Achieve excellent quietness. The volume of operation mode 1 is only 13dB, just like a butterfly flapping its wings. The comfortable and quiet wind is most suitable for summer bedroom.

Let the clothes dry quickier

As the GreenFan can deliver a large area of ​​wind up to 15 meters, plus the accuracy of the swing head can be controlled freely, which can quickly dry indoor clothes.


・Made in Japan, patented double-layer axial flow fan blade design
・Adopt DC brushless motor, excellent quietness m
・2 horizontal axis steering angles, maximum 150°/minimum 30°
・The lowest power consumption rate is only 1.5W
・The volume of the basic air volume is only 13dB
・Optional rechargeable batteries can be added, up to 20 hours of wireless operation

Product specifications
Size W330mm×D320mm×H871mm (pedestal mode) / 497mm (vertical mode)
Weight 4.1KG~ (Net body)
Power cable

1.8 meters

Power consumption 1.5W-20W
Accessories Fan, Remote control, Plug converter, Manual
Voltage 220-240V
Plug type UK Type-G Plug

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