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Impressive toaster oven with steam and perfect temperature control

BALMUDA The Toaster is designed in the shape of modern classics, inspired by the ancient kilns all over the streets in Europe and America, and carefully selected from thousands of design drafts. Among them, a surprising smart baking function has been added. In order to achieve a wonderful finished product, while testing the temperature in the oven, BALMUDA adjusted and tested the heater one by one in units of 1 second, continuously and carefully checking and calculating the results of each data.

The third generation of BALMUDA The Toaster not only inherited the previous award-winning exterior design, but also specially redesigned the window shape, dial and handle, and added a power button, which will automatically shut down after 30 seconds of operation to save power. The classic black and white appearance makes it easier for you to match with your home environment.

The highest level of toast is the ability to bake a thin layer of caramel-colored meringue, but still maintain sufficient moisture in the middle, warm and piping hot. BALMUDA The Toaster has thoroughly researched toast from a scientific perspective, successfully developed an exclusive steam technology and precise temperature control, so that everyone can easily bake amazingly delicious toast at home!

The magical effect of adding 5cc of water

When using BALMUDA The Toaster toast, please use the measuring cup to pour 5cc of water into the sink. In this way, the oven is filled with steam during operation, covering the top layer of bread with moisture. The moisture will be heated due to the accelerated heating of the gas, and the surface of the skin will be slightly burnt, but the moisture of the bread and butter and other oils will be retained inside, so that the aroma will be tightly wrapped and not lost.

Perfect temperature control

The precise temperature control of BALMUDA The Toaster allows it to perfectly control the three important temperature ranges of toast, and easily cook the highest quality delicious toast. The first temperature is 60°C, which revives the softness and flavor of the inner layer of bread (starch gelatinization); the second is 160°C, which makes the crust caramelized; the last one is burnt (charring) temperature of 220°C.

5 practical operating modes

BALMUDA The Toaster has 5 built-in operating modes, including toast, cheese toast, baguette, croissant and classic mode. With the clever use of 5 modes, you can bake all kinds of delicious bread.

The Secret to Baking Delicious Bread

BALMUDA carefully analyzes the characteristics of the bread and adjusts it. For example, toast has a curved top and a flat bottom, and the curved top should face the direction of the oven window to get the best results.

Use the traditional mode to make more delicious dishes

In addition to various exclusive toast modes, it can also use the traditional mode of heating up and down like a traditional oven, including 3 different temperatures, including 170°C, 220°C and 250°C.

● 170℃
Heating at 160°C for about 3 minutes, suitable for heating cooked food or making desserts.

● 220℃
Heating at 220°C for about 3 minutes, because it is not easy to burn, it is suitable for baking.

● 250℃
Under heating at 250°C, about 1.5 minutes, the strong fire mode is suitable for baking mochi and gratin.

・The third generation BALMUDA The Toaster
・Add switch button, 30 seconds automatic shutdown
・Improved temperature control for better baking effect
・Patented water steam injection technology to retain bread moisture
・Electronic temperature control technology, 2 minutes to increase to the specified temperature
・Temperature control and steam technology bring touching taste
・5 preset operation modes, making baking food easier
・Reheating can bring fresh taste

Product specifications
Size W357mm×H209mm×D321mm
Weight 4.4KG~ (Net weight)
Power cord

1 meter

Power consumption Max.1300W
Voltage 220-240V
Plug UK Type-G Plug

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