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Not just a toaster! Making breakfast, lunch and dinner just got quicker and easier!

BRUNO's new Steam and Bake Toaster is big enough to bake cakes and pizzas, and it can also bake 4 slice bread at the same time, making it your cooking assistant at any time!

3 Oven Modes Let You Make More Recipes!

There are three built-in baking modes, which are more than enough for making simple breakfasts or delicate banquet meals.

Steam Mode
Inject 5ml of water into the water inlet, and when baking, it will emit steam to wrap the bread and bake, making it crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Convection Mode
The convection fan at the rear of the oven can make the inside of the oven evenly heated, and the food tastes more crispy.

Normal Mode
You can make food such as Pizza and bake it with a nice charred texture.

2 unique functions that trigger deliciousness

The two functions of "strong steam" and "heat evenly" are the unique secrets to make baked food more delicious!

1. Strong steam

By adding a small amount of water, a thin moisture film is formed on the surface of the food, and most of the moisture inside the food will not be lost during baking. This is the magical method of baking crispy outside and soft inside.

2. Heat evenly

The fan inside the oven can make the temperature in the entire oven more even, so that the food can be cooked better, and there will be no problem of uneven heat even under high temperature baking.

Because of the above unique functions, BRUNO Steam and Bake Toaster can make desserts, mains and more different dishes. Whether you enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, or a party with friends and family, it can also become a good helper in the kitchen to trigger delicious food!

4 slices of toast in 4 minutes

*Tested when making toast with no other ingredients in steam mode.

Daily application is very active!

Whether reheating pre-packaged ready meal or freezing bread, BRUNO Steam and Bake Toaster is just as useful in everyday life!

・With its compact size, the interior space is enough to bake 4 slices of toast at the same time.
・Before using strong steam, be sure to add 5ml of water.

・When grilling ingredients with a lot of moisture or oil, it is suggested to put the bundled grill pan to catch the excess oil.

・A fan is installed at the back of the machine to circulate hot air during high-temperature roasting to avoid uneven temperature.

・Three types of baking modes can be easily switched through the front knob.


The temperature (unit: °C) and cooking time (unit: minutes) during roasting can be set accurately.

・There is a crumb tray at the bottom to catch the crumbs from toasting, making the cleansing easier.
・Accessories included water measuring cup, silicone cup, baking trays, grill net.


Product Specifications
size W350mm×H225mm×D370mm
(inner depth up to 260mm)
weight 4.8KG~ (net weight)
heating method 4 Quartz Heating Tubes
temperature range 90 to 250 degrees Celsius
power consumption Max 1350W
Voltage 220-240V
plug UK Type-G Plug
Included accessories Water measuring cup, silicone cup, baking trays, grill net

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